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Matthew Toohey

Who Am I?

  • Second year computer science student at the University of Toronto, minoring in Economics and Statistics
  • Developer
  • Mechanical keyboard enthusiast
  • Amateur musician


💻 Programming

My main languages are Python (which we used in my first year university CS courses) and JavaScript, which I’ve used on a lot of side projects. In terms of web development, I have some experience with React and Svelte (this site is built with Svelte Kit). I’ve also used Java quite a bit in the past for high-school courses, but often I find a Bash script the simplest way to solve a small issue. I’ve also taken a look at Rust but I haven’t gotten to any projects using it yet, and I’m also trying to convince myself to learn C, or C++ soon, but that hasn’t happened yet. Check out my dotfiles or some of my other projects on GitHub.

⌨️ Mechanical Keyboards

CRKBD with KAT Milkshake CRKBD with EBPT 2048 and Zilent Blueberries

I’m the happy owner of a CRKBD (aka Corne) with Mill-Max hot-swap sockets installed and some quirks because of some unfortunate mistakes that were made during the build process… Check out my current keymaps for the CRKBD and my Planck Light. I’m also waiting patiently for the Corne-ish Zen, which I’m super excited to get my hands on!

🔈 Audio

I did audiovisual club in high school and really enjoyed it, so I have experience with recent Soundcraft SI Impact and Allen and Heath digital boards. I’ve also had some experience with DMX lighting boards and ATEM video switchers, including scripting a switcher using atemOSC.

🔌 Self-hosting

I’m currently running TrueNAS Core with a Plex jail and SMB shares for backups over the network for large file storage, and running a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB for Home Assistant and other lightweight services that need to be always-on. I’m really looking forward to boards for the Compute Module 4 that support M.2’s so I can turn off the desktop for good.